Marrakech Palmeraie: Camel Ride & Quad Bike

Camel Ride and Quad BikeIn Marrakech Palmeraie. This is a tour you will never forget as you will get into a special place. No sand dunes, but beautiful hills til the end of the horizon. This excursion is available year round.

  • Price: From 60€ - 68 US $
  • Duration: 3 hours

Marrakech, the city of a thousand and one night
Red baked-mud medina palaces beneath the snow-capped High Atlas and a powder-pink ring of ramparts around 19 kilometres of seething souqs, Marrakech is Morocco’s most memorable experience. Founded almost 1000 years ago on the edge of the Sahara, this southern market town grew to become one of the great cities of the Maghreb and a Unesco Heritage site to boot. But Marrakech isn’t some petrified piece of history that tourists come to gawk at, it’s bursting at the seems with an intense density of life and a modern entrepreneurialism that puts Manhattanites to shame.